Rare Earth Exploration Inks Deal with KRLD News Radio

publication date: May 1, 2019
author/source: Rare Earth Exploration


Rare Earth Exploration inks deal with KRLD News Radio 1080 AM Dallas Ft. Worth to launch Helium Hunters radio hour. The show will air every Sunday morning between 10-11am. CST on KRLD local and globally on radio.com. POD cast will also be available 24-7. The show will revolve around helium education and new technology advances along with geological, archaeological and Native American history of Eastern Arizona which include the Petrified Forest, Holbrook Basin and Woodruff, AZ. Current helium investment prospects will also be discussed.

Airing will begin within the next two weeks starting on or around May 12th, 2019 and will be commentated by Brad Haycraft, President and Tim Taylor, CEO of Rare Earth Exploration. This will be the first helium talk show of its kind with an expected listener base of approximately 7,500 just for KRLD local radio DFW market. The show will debut considering the global helium shortage and will address the steps Rare Earth Exploration is taking to solve this crisis.

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